TIME181105 When War Comes Home









2)感想(日英両方)/ 要約、感想

3)目安時間:60分 / 週



In 2008, Hamisha Gul moved his family from a neighboring district controlled by the Taliban so his children receive an education. "Boys as young as 8 years old were carrying weapons and wearing bandoliers of bullets", he said, outside his home in May. He feared that if they didn't leave, his boys would fall under the sway of the fighters.

By 2014, the war had come home. Their village in Surkh Rod district had become a no-man's-land between a government-controlled highway and the Taliban's Black Mountain, so named because snow never falls there. That year, international forces handed responsibility for the country's security back to the Afghan government, and the Taliban started attacking Afghan soldiers stationed on the highway. Local elders pleaded with both sides to avoid battles near their homes. The fighters agreed, but nothing changed.


2008年、Hamisha Gul は家族を連れて、タリバンに支配されている近隣地区から移動した。それゆえに彼の子供は教育を受けることができる。「8歳の少年たちが武器を運んでいたり、弾薬帯を身に着けていた」と彼は5月に家の外で言った。もしかつて住んでいたところから出ていなかったら、子供たちは戦闘員たちの統治下にあっていただろうと恐れている。

2014年までに、戦争は終わっていただろう。Surkh Rod 地区にある彼らの村は政府管理の高速道路とタリバンの黒い山(雪が一切降らないことから名づけられた)の間で、人が住みつかない土地になってしまった。





・bandolier (バンドリヤー):弾薬帯

・under the sway of :~の統治下にある


~My View~ 

There is a phrase in the article, "Education is the key to success." . 

Education is originally really precious, but education is taken for granted here in Japan, but it is not in some countries. The novel prize winner, Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan, said that " One child, One teacher, One book, One pen can change the world.".

I wanna keep studying to make my life get better.